Who We Support

More then just local support

At Derech HaMashiach we support a number of local and overseas organisations and ministries that we have relationships with and that we know are making a difference at the grass roots level.

We, at Derech HaMashiach, have pledged to ensure that 100% of all Tzedakah (Charity) giving will go directly to these organisations we support. There will be no handling or transfer or exchange fees deducted. This is fully transparent, because every year at our AGM we present the previous year’s financial transactions to the membership.

Local Support

King’s Community Care

King’s Community Care logo

King’s Community Care value people at their point of need and offer help to empower them to move forward beyond their crisis, through emergency food parcels, crisis care, community courses and job skills training. Derech HaMashiach has chosen to support the valuable work this organisation is doing in reaching the local community.

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International Support


Derech HaMashiach support in Venezuela

The current political and economic situation in Venezuela is not very stable. Many are poor and struggling to stay alive, food is extremely expensive and medication even more so, when it is available.

It was through Yeshivat Shuvu that our relationship with two ministries in Venezuela developed. Both these groups operate in different locations, one rural and the other in the city, feeding, educating and supplying medications and medical treatment to young children, some of whom have cancer or are partially or totally blind. Derech HaMashiach now supports the work of both these ministries through monthly financial giving.

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Venezuela's biggest need is still for prayer

  • protection from the authorities

  • healing for the children

  • a change in government from the current dictatorship.

One ministry has grown into an outreach program through radio and TV, bringing encouragement and teaching of the Messianic Way into many homes in Venezuela.
Housing on side of mountain in Venezuela

Every bit makes a difference

If you want to support this work, you can give your charity via Derech HaMashiach and we will ensure that 100% will get to the people who need it.

International Support

Israel (Abundant Bread of Salvation)

Abundant Bread Israel charity at work

Derech HaMashiach provides regular support for Holocaust survivors through the “Adopt a Holocaust Survivor” program operated by Abundant Bread of Salvation. The main goal of this ministry is to fulfil the Hebrew scripture of Isaiah 40, that says: "Comfort, comfort my people, says your G-d!"

All of these people are well into their 80's and many of them in their 90's, their time is short, and their strength and health is dwindling daily. Many of these precious ones must choose between putting food on their tables or buying life sustaining medications. Abundant Bread of Salvation ministry does not want them to have to make this choice. Their goal is that these survivors will live out their last days with dignity, quality of life, health, happiness and practical provision, as well as eternal life.

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