Community Culture & Values

Our Messianic community's culture and values.
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Our number one value is community. The community has two facets, our local inhouse community and our on-line community, who join us every Shabbat via video conferencing, as well as other occasions. In the life of the community, we cultivate an environment of prayer, worship, fellowship and learning.

Respect the Shabbat

We respect the Shabbat, and protect it to the best of our ability, as we have been encouraged to do in Isaiah 58:13-14, focussing our conversations, interactions and relationships around things that edify.


Charity is at the heart of our community, both local and afar, including Israel. It is one opportunity both as individuals and a community to practice the Mitzvot (good deeds) of Torah.


We celebrate the Moedim (G-d’s Appointed Times) as best possible in our cultural surroundings.

Our Approach

Some aspects of our service line up with Conservative Judaism, as expressed in the liturgy of our prayer service. We also enjoy and encourage discussion and questions after the Torah Service and particularly during the Beit Midrash (Study Time), where we facilitate the opportunity to respect each other, even during a Machlochet. A Machlochet is a robust discussion for the sake of Heaven, supported by scripture (not just opinion), which may not be resolved, but ends in respect and love for one another.

Strong Foundations

Through the variety of courses that we can offer, we desire to build and strengthen the foundations of all believers in Yeshua, regardless of which stage of walk they are at.

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