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Derech HaMashiach is a not for profit association

Charity & Offerings

Derech HaMashiach is a not for profit association that relies on membership fees, offerings and charity (Tzedakah) to support this important work. We don’t push tithes and offering messages, but we do teach responsible and accountable use of finances from a Torah perspective.

To make donations easy, we have two online options. If you prefer Direct Bank Transfer, our details are below.

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At Derech HaMashiach we support a number of local and overseas organisations and ministries that we have relationship with and that we know are making a difference at the grassroots level. To donate, please just enter the amount you wish to give and you can select a specific organisation to support or simply opt to give to were it is most needed.

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If you feel led to support this work, you can give an offering at one of our meetings or use the online donation option offered here.

Direct Bank Transfer

Direct transfer of funds to the nominated bank account is preferred (no transaction fees). Please state whether you are giving Tzedakah or Offerings in the "description" section.

Account details for bank transfer

  • Account Name: Derech HaMashiach Inc

  • BSB: 064474

  • Account Number: 10724993

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