Archive of Special Topics

Archive of Special Topics

Welcome to the Archive of studies on Special Topics, such as G-d’s Appointed Times and Profiles of the Apostles. Scroll down the table and choose any of the videos that interest you.

Beit Midrash Q&A
Beit Midrash
Snippets (Various
short videos) 
 Profile of the
G-d’s Appointed

Kefa's Vision /
Kosher Food

Yeshua or Jesus

Shim'on Kefa

Pesach - Part 1
Grafted In

Mystery of Shim'on Kefa

Pesach - Part 2
Yeshua's Parting

A Taste of Midrash -
Grafted into Avraham

Ya'akov HaTzaddik 
Isaiah 53 &
Chazon 2018 Report 

Yochanan The
Special Topics  Minor Fetivals  Yeshua Fast Days

Salvation Part 1

Salvation Part 2

Salvation Part 3

Salvation Part 4A

Salvation Part 4B -
What about Grace?

Yeshua and the Sacrifices
9th of Av

The "Rapture"      
  Yeshivat Shuvu
Position Papers
Parsha Studies   
  Women in Liturgy Bereishit -
The Word, the Light and
Tzimtzum in
Bereishit Chapter 1 

Ki Tavo -
Responsible Biblical Money Management
    Ki Tisa -
The Two Sets of Tablets
and the Two Torahs
Dr Wheeler teaching on assessing your relationship with HaShem
Menorah 1

Menorah 2

Menorah 3
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